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Kareem A. Rashed

Broken Just Like Twigs

Writing books is what I do. Here is my first book. It is a narrative about the human experience, written in a poetic form. I also share my experiences with you that broke me on the inside or had me feeling broken and empty. The twist, is that it is all shared from a twig’s perspective. A broken twig, fragile and hurt little twig.


I am one who wants to experience the human race as one and experience it fully. What I offer you in this book and in the other writings and soon to be published books, is connection with another human being. I offer compassion and I also keep it 100 with you at all times.

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The type of books I write:

Finally, I get to tell you all about my thoughts. In each book I have written I share with you empathy, acceptance , and authenticity. I’m all about being yourself. I’m definitely going to be me. Writing is the way I express myself to the fullest degree. To learn more visit my blog page.

Always remember

I am only human! I am here to spread a message of love, grace, compassion and acceptance.

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